Committed to the fulfillment of our vision

VIORYL’s success over the last 70 years has been based on focusing on Customers, People, Research and Quality of life.


At VIORYL “Customer comes First”. Based on this philosophy we develop and provide innovative, safe, high-quality products and services to meet a wide variety of customers' requests. We endeavour to protect the personal information of customers and everyone else with whom we are engaged in business, building solid partnerships and continuing to grow our position and presence in all major international markets.


Our people are critical to VIORYL’s future. We respect our employees striving to provide excellent working conditions for them. We encourage personal growth by nurturing each individual's abilities as well as team-work by seeking to create a climate of cooperation, mutual trust and self-responsibility for the success of our employees and the company.


At VIORYL we build on scientific research and innovation providing cutting-edge product solutions that comply with local and international law safety requirements, respect the natural environment and satisfy the most demanding client.

Quality of life

VIORYL strives to help improve the quality of life. Health, safety and environment are central to product development and evaluation. We respect the environment and society, we comply with all relative laws and regulations and we aim at minimizing our environmental impact. At the same time we create exceptional products that please to senses and stimulate emotions, making their use a true experience.